Life at Tannery House

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Integrated agency Liven Creative moved into Tannery House in January 2011. With both founding directors living close by, it’s the ideal location – far less time commuting to and from the work we love, and close to major routes so visiting clients can find us easily. There’s [...]

Maximising Space in a Small Office

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It can be disheartening when you only have a small office space in which to work. Not having sufficient space can not only hinder productivity but also make you demotivated and miserable. In order to achieve your full work capabilities, you need to be able to make [...]

6 ways to save money and the planet

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An eco-friendly office is totally possible with our 5 tips [one_half]Nowadays, everyone is trying to be a little bit more green. As we hear reports every day of the effects of global warming, the fact that sea levels are rising and the amount of fuel available is [...]

5 ways you can increase productivity

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Need to encourage some extra productivity amongst your office staff? Here's how you do it… In an office environment, it can be difficult to keep yourself and your colleagues on track. When you’re all  sharing an open plan space, there is a huge temptation to chat to each [...]

Contemporary or traditional offices?

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Is there a big difference in the way modern, contemporary offices are run compared to their traditional counterparts? If you work for a relatively new company, the chances are that your place of work will be what is considered a more contemporary office. That means it’s different [...]