The global climate summit COP26 brought people from around the whole globe together to address the pressing and worrying issue of climate change and it has been universally agreed that it is only by everyone working together that the world can achieve net-zero by 2050 and prevent significant global warming.  Surrey office rental spaces need to play their part in this, and a key area they can do that is by maintaining the many green spaces already in existence, and making use of space to plant more.

How green spaces around Surrey office rental spaces helps the environment

It’s been shown the being around greenery can improve the mental well-being of employees, but the key reason for maintaining green spaces around serviced offices is the positive influence it can have on the environment.

Soil – as opposed to concrete – can absorb carbon from the air, which helps reduce carbon emissions, which on it’s own makes green spaces an important aspect in battling climate change.  A recent study showed that ‘backyard soils’ in gardens and developments can capture even more harmful carbon emissions than soils in native forests or grasslands.

As anyone that muddled through biology in school will be able to tell you, the plants themselves are essential to improve the environment. In the process of photosynthesis, plants take in carbon dioxide from the air and use water and energy from sunlight to release extra oxygen to the air.  This is oxygen that this planet needs to produce, with the added benefit of taking out some of the harmful carbon dioxide.  Evergreens will do this all year round whilst summer plants can be even more effective, so a balance is essential.

Plants with flowers will also be essential to pollinators such as bees, who will help balance the food chain and supply.  Businesses putting flowers in window boxes and on window sills can even help with this process.

Surrey office rental spaces that promote greenery

At SEND Business Centre we’re pleased to be playing our part.  Alongside the River Wey and surrounded by nature, we have a wide range of garden spaces that we maintain with the aim of making a positive impact on the environment as well as improving the mental wellbeing of those working in our office spaces.

If you’d like more information on office rental in Surrey that maintains its green spaces, get in touch with our team for a tour and more information.