It’s not that surprising to find out that people found 2020 stressful, and work was no exception. In fact, 70% of the global workforce say that 2020 was the most stressful year ever, and 76% believe that their employer should be doing more to protect their mental health, promoting employee wellbeing.

Employers, in turn, are now adjusting to a whole new way of working and managing their business, having survived several lockdowns with remote working through a global pandemic, and with COVID19 very much still a concern for the future.

Whilst continuing to remain a viable business is very much a pressing concern, employee wellbeing should still stay a top priority for employers that want to keep staff turnover down and maintain productivity.  Stress reduces productivity and increases staff absenteeism.  It is in every good business manager’s interest to make sure their team is happy in their work and in their office space.

So how can making use of a service office space help with this?

How a serviced office space helps provide flexibility for staff

Studies have shown that a flexible working arrangement can have a positive effect on a range of health outcomes, including sleep quality, how tired and/or alert someone feels, blood pressure, and mental health.  It has also been shown to create a better sense of community and social support within an office space.  Enabling your employees to have flexible working arrangements makes sense for both them and you, and a serviced office space will help you establish this in a range of ways.

Firstly, a service office space will offer you 24/7 access in a safe environment with free parking that is easy to access, away from city centres.  This means that those that prefer to work later and start later are able to do this in a safer way.  In addition, a serviced office can be arranged flexibly with more open-plan office facilities than facilitate hybrid working with shared working spaces that are modern and comfortable.

Certainty for employers and employees

A serviced office space means no hidden costs, which means that employers can be more secure in their monthly outgoings and less worried about unexpected bills.

This feeling of greater certainty for employers is going to project a more positive attitude and reassure employees that they’re safe in their job and secure in their workplace, promoting bettering employee wellbeing.

The best quality technology

Nothing stresses you out more than unreliable technology, and these days when the WiFi crashes so does the business operation as most office-based businesses rely on the internet these days.  Good quality serviced office space will have super-fast WiFi and even backup WiFi, to help ensure your employees are never left slamming their keyboards in rage.

Employee wellbeing in serviced office space

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