A clean desk policy or empty desk policy is usually a company-wide initiative enforcing that employees leave their workspaces clean and empty at the end of the day. Whilst this kind of sounds like a killjoy approach where people can no longer keep bobble heads and family photos on their desk, there are actually some really good reasons for implementing one, and it can be adapted to your shared office space so that people can still make themselves feel at home and personalise their space somewhat.

Why is a clean desk policy a good idea for a shared office space?

This is a policy often implemented for security reasons, with the aim of the policy to limit the possibilities of external parties seeing sensitive documents and information, and reduce the risk of data breaches. With GDPR a pressing concern for nearly half a decade now, companies of all sizes are ensuring that they’re fully compliant with these strict data security regulations. A clean desk policy requires all employees to remove paper from their workspace at the end of the day and securely stored, following a good protocol to meet GDPR rules and regulations.

With the rise of hybrid working, a clean desk policy also means that a shared office space can facilitate the sharing of desks and hotdesking more easily without people having to work around move clutter out of the way first, including items, notes and documents that could go on to get lost. It will save time at the start of the day where people tidy a space before they can even use it, and prevent disruption as people look for lost items.

It will also add up to a tidier office. A clean desk policy will mean that employees are obliged to keep the workplace tidy, making it an easier place to keep clean and a nicer environment to walk into.

Personalising a clean desk policy

Having a clean desk policy doesn’t mean that an office rental needs to be stark and impersonal. Ways in which you can ensure that people still enjoy the office include:

  • Having ‘allowed items’ such as plants and reasonably sized stationary holders, so that the desk isn’t completely empty. Plants are also proven to be good for mental health and help bring some natural colour to the office.
  • Provide storage spaces such as lockers so that people can keep personal items in the office and ‘set up their desk’ as they would like it on arrival.
  • Providing other areas for personal touches, such as shelving where people are welcome to add a set number of items to decorate the office.

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