What do you use your self storage space for?  The chances are it’s nothing exciting; we would guess it’s likely to be items you no longer use, things you’re storing if you’re in the process of a house move or renovation, or bulky items you have no space for in your home or workspace.

We recently had a look at what storage spaces across Britain are most likely to be filled with and what the most popular storage in these spaces actually is. The top 5 aren’t hugely surprising, and we bet when you read through them you’ll recognise a lot things that are safely tucked away in your own storage space!

Here’s the list of 5; see how your own storage space matches up!

  • Furniture

It will come as no surprise that the number one thing kept in self storage space is furniture. Old furniture, broken furniture, furniture that’s too big to fit in your home – the people of the UK apparently love to keep furniture in self storage spaces as opposed to their actual houses!

  • Bulky Appliances

Appliances that can’t fit in your home are also a popular choice to be sent to storage. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are broken or too old. Perhaps you’re waiting to move into a bigger house where you can finally plumb in your dishwasher, and in the time being, it has to stay in storage. In fact, a lot of the most popular items in storage space seem to be there because people are waiting to move them into a new house (or an improved house, if you’re having renovation work done).

  • Files, documents and archives

Understandably, the people of Britain seem to feel that they’d rather fill space in their homes with nice, enjoyable things rather than files and documentation. Those these may be important, nobody likes to see them lying around their house. So it’s no surprise that these are often sent into self storage, so they can be accessed if needed and are otherwise out of sight, out of mind.

  • Seasonal items

Again, we can completely see why items described as ‘seasonal’ take up a lot of storage space across the country. For those of us without a garage, garden shed or attic space, it can be difficult to find somewhere to store items like this – Christmas trees and decorations, swimming pool inflatables and rubber rings. We’re very happy that they’ve found a home in self storage space all year round!

  • Antiques and family heirlooms

The news that people are highly likely to place any old family artefacts or heirlooms into self storage space is the stuff of  an antique hunter’s dreams! It seems that people often disregard items that have been passed down by family (such as furniture, photographs, paintings, clothes and jewellery) as old rubbish, and send them straight to storage. We bet that if you searched through a sample of storage space, you’d find all manner of amazing treasures.

So, what do you keep in self storage? Does it fit in with what the rest of the UK do, or have you got a more ingenious use for your space? Whatever you need the space for, contact us here at Send Business Centre, and we can organise the perfect self storage space for you.