There are some scary statistics out there when it comes to your middle meal of the day – 79% of people aren’t taking time for themselves on their lunch break, and 67% of people are missing the meal altogether.  It seems that people are open to lunch break ideas though – 40% of people want to use this time better, 50% would like this time to be more fun, and a third have said that they just lack inspiration on what to do, and instead ended up either working, running errands or doing some meaningless online browsing.

If you’re guilty of missing this essential break from work to refresh and revive, leaving you sluggish and stressed in the afternoon, here are some creative lunch break ideas on new ways to spend your lunch time.

Phone (or video chat) a friend

How often do lament the fact that you never get to catch up with a friend?  Arrange a time and get your sandwiches ready, then spend your lunchtime having a virtual lunch catch up.  With the added advantage of no arguments over where to go, you can either use a communal space in the office or do it at your desk.

If you’re feeling especially brave, you could even ring your Mum, but always give her a heads up.  Unexpected midday calls tend to send up maternal panic alerts!

Try new culinary lunch break ideas

Are you stuck in a routine when it comes to food? The same sandwich every day?  The same jacket potato filling?  Try a new kind of cuisine every day, set yourself a challenge, and make it fun.  Mexican Mondays, Thai Tuesdays, Veggie Wednesday, ‘Tato Thursday and Fish Friday?  Have a sandwich challenge day within the office even?

lunch break ideas 2

Putting some thought into your lunch means you’re more likely to take the time to enjoy it.

Get green-fingered

If you’re lucky enough to have some outside space, try planting something new for everyone to look at, enjoy, and take care of.  In summer, planting for bees and wildlife is a great way to positively contribute to the environment as well as enjoy some summer colour.  Even in winter you can plant bulbs ready for spring, or find some winter pansies, heathers, roses or snowdrops.

If you’re surrounded by open space, it’s worth looking at if there are areas where they wouldn’t be adverse to you making a floral display for people at large to enjoy.

If you’re all inside, houseplants are attractive, increase air quality and are proven to increase creativity by 15%.  Use your lunch break to show your snake plant or ficus some love.  If you’re looking for indoor flowers, a Christmas cactus, Peace Lily or Primroses are nice too.

Take a walk or cycle

Even if you don’t cycle to work, leaving a bike on-site to use on lunch is a great idea if you have some nice pathways or canal sides nearby.  As well as getting the health benefits, exercise is a good way to way to wake yourself up.

Get craftsy

If you’re prepared to take the ‘constructive criticism’ from your colleagues, one of our more creative lunch break ideas is to use the time for an art or craft.  There are plenty you can do from your desk, and put up and put down again, such as paint by numbers, beading, crochet kits or even origami.

If you’re not quite up to sitting at your desk for it, if there are outside sitting areas this is a great place to sit and maybe do a little knitting or sketching.

Catch up on your interests

Join an online book club to discover new reads.  Watch your favourite TV programme without the distraction of knowing that you should really be doing the laundry.  Look for a podcast around something you’re interested in, whether that’s sports, current affairs, films, environmental issues, or just something funny (and podcasts are a screen-free break as well.)  If there’s something that you wish you got to do, give it a try on your lunch break.

Shared, serviced office spaces to spend your lunch break

If you’re looking for a shared office rental where people are pleased to embrace their lunch breaks with open communal spaces, stunning scenery, canal pathways and outside meeting areas, get in touch with SEND Business Park.