Many businesses are reassessing their office needs following the pandemic, as more people are choosing a mix of working from home while really valuing the move back to the collaboration and comradery of the office.  Looking for new office space is turning into a sensible move, but how do you seek out a new rental when there are still social limitations in place?

It might feel like the world is on pause and filled with uncertainty but you can, in fact, look for a new office while the lockdown limitations are still slowly being lifted.  In fact, this is a proactive and positive way to start a move back to the office.

Take a virtual tour

Instead of having to make multiple visits to multiple places only to realise it’s not for you as soon as you arrive, look at workplaces that offer a ‘virtual tour‘ online, using technology similar to Google maps.

This gives you the opportunity to take a look around and get a feel for the place without making the jour

virtual tour new officeney.  If they don’t offer a virtual tour, then look for a website that is very visual with loads of photos of all the areas, including the outside.

Bring all your new office questions

You’ll inevitably think of some questions when you leave but bringing along a ‘tick list’ of everything you definitely want onsite and/or available, and all of your questions, is going to mean you’re going to make the absolute most of the time you have available during your visit.

Take the full tour, including outside areas

Outside space is more important than ever, with more people valuing outside space to socialise with colleagues and the workplace mental health benefits.  Don’t miss out on the outdoor space on your tour, and this is also a good time and place to ask your questions in a socially distanced way without being hindered by the mask.

Take photos

There might be plenty of photos online or even a virtual tour, but taking your own photos means you can take photos of the parts of your potential new office that is really relevant to you.

Ask ahead on necessary precautions

Taking a mask is, as always, a sensible thing to do.  Most public spaces will still be requiring people to wear masks, but check with those offering tours if there are limits on the number of people on a tour or if there is specific information needed ahead of time.

Looking for a new office?

If you’re looking for new office space and would like to check out flexible shared office spaces with no hidden costs, the fastest fibreoptic WiFi, conveniently near Woking train station and close to the M25, and surrounded by stunning Surrey countryside, get in touch.  We have the best of both worlds, with the connectivity and facilities of an urban office space but with the backdrop of a National Trust park and canalside walks.