Christmas was traditionally a season where anything goes, but even though Christmas 2021 is set to be much less dire than 2020, the average SME office is looking for a morale-boosting Christmas feel that doesn’t put anyone at risk.  That might mean making some adjustments and swapping around some ideas, but to ensure that your team are able to celebrate Christmas with their friends and families, those minor inconveniences will all be worth it.

Maintain your usual standards of SME office safety

Don’t let Christmas make you complacent.  Make sure you’re still following all the recommended precautions – and any new precautions that are implemented in the future – and encourage your employees to talk to you about any other ways you might work with them to make them feel safe and secure in their place of work.

Spread out Christmas parties

In previous years restaurants have crammed businesses in, making the most of every inch of space to get everyone in.  Whilst most establishments are being somewhat more cautious in the present climate, it’s worth taking a look at your venue, to make sure that there’ll be plenty of space in between you and the rest of the people in the restaurant.

Alternatively, you could do something more alternative with more ventilations such as an outside event (with lots of heaters, coats, and hats of course!) You can even do a virtual Christmas party, where you send out supplies to those working from home to have an afternoon ‘do’.  You’re not limited to sitting at your screen with a sandwich and a glass of well-travelled wine.  There are kits you can buy for cooking, gingerbread houses, cookies, quizzes, or even remote karaoke.

Ramp up the decorations in your SME office

Decorations are the one thing that everyone can get involved with. Having a tree in your SME office should be the bare minimum. There could be best-dressed desk competitions, Santa might drop by, window displays and of course, LIGHTS!

If you have staff working in a more hybrid capacity where they’re mixing home and office working, why not give people a ‘kit’ to decorate their home office with a mini tree and some tinsel?

Give back

Those in your SME office might be very aware that there are a lot of people struggling this year with the cost of living increasing and less fundraising events in 2021.

Doing something as simple as getting your team to go through their cupboards and see what they could donate to the foodbank and dropping off a box of food to those that need it involves no fundraising or cash, and is a great way to give back and raise some Christmas spirit.

Looking for new office space?

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