Hybrid working is very much the new norm, with 44% of office based workers working a hybrid model, very similar in numbers to the number of those in the office full time at 56%. Even remote working champions Zoom – one of the leading online communications tools of the pandemic – are now getting their workers back to the office for at least a few days a week. Office life means different things to different people, but how can a shared office space help businesses successfully manage hybrid working so that both the employer and employee can make the most of the office time?

Flexible layouts for desk sharing and hot desking

When people are in the office the chances are they’re going to need somewhere to sit and work. However, it’s not going to be necessary for every employee to have their own desk poised ready for them to use.

By organising who will be in on what days and what times, you can arrange a shared office space to have shared desks or hot desking stations to meet people’s needs. You can even get movable office furniture which means you can customise the layout depending on what teams are in the office on what days.

Storage in the form of lockers or cabinets mean that employees can store items like chargers, mics, and even favourite mugs for when they’re in the office.

Meeting rooms on demand for cost effectiveness

If a lot of meetings are online where people are both in and out of the office, renting office space that enables you to have a set meeting room at all times might not be necessary and you can save money by not renting that space.

However, in a shared office space, there are meeting rooms available to use on an ‘as and when basis’, which means that when the need arises there isn’t the cost of renting space elsewhere.

Shared office space in Woking

If you’re looking for a flexible shared office space in Woking where you can implement a successful hybrid working plan, get in touch with SEND Business Centre for more information on flexible contracts, shared facilities, and available office spaces to rent.