Hot desking has been one of the more lasting workspace trends of recent years. The idea of no one having a designated work area and moving desks on a daily basis did seem as though it could have been a disaster for workforces across the country, but it has proven to be hugely popular, and now many high profile offices swear by it!

If you’re not convinced by the idea of hot desking, here are some reasons you should give it a go in your office – your team will thank you later….

  • Get focused

The idea behind hot desking is that it improves everyone’s concentration, as it really reduces distractions. Sitting at a different desk everyday means you’ll need to streamline your work life, narrowing clutter down to only what you need. This will mean your work life becomes much more focused and your tidy desk space will allow you to get on with the task in hand with nothing distracting you.

  • You’ll get to know your colleagues

If you’re sitting next to a new person every day, it means that you’ll be able to meet and get to know more people around the office. Hot desking is a great social enabler, and it stops cliques or groups forming around the workplace – this can only be a good thing. The social aspect of hot desking means that your office will be far more friendly and everyone will know and understand each other far better.

  • It encourages teamwork

Hot desking is social, and through this it also really encourages teamwork. Now everyone knows each other better, they are more likely to ask each other for input and help on projects, or to learn new skills from sitting near each other. This means that any work done in your office is a real team effort, and your work benefits from everyone’s abilities and expertise. The whole team working together through hot desking will really bond them together.

  • It will boost your creativity

Hot desking and other types of flexible working have been shown to encourage creativity, so implementing it in your office will bring out loads more bright ideas from your staff!

  • Improve your organisation

If you’re sitting in a different place every day, you’ll need to really make sure you’re organised enough to work effectively. Hot desking will ensure that you’re on top of everything, never leaving things on your desk over night, and never forgetting to bring things in the next day.

If we’ve managed to convince you to give hot desking a go, give us a call here at Send Business Centre – flexible, serviced office space is the perfect place to get started