The cost-of-living crisis doesn’t appear to be going away. Despite energy costs supposedly dropping and supermarket bosses promising a reduction in the price of food, people are worried about their mortgage payments and rent, childcare costs in the summer holidays, new school uniforms for September, and that’s in addition to everyday costs and unexpected costs that spring up at the worst possible time.

Employers might well struggle to provide pay rises in line with inflation, but there are still ways that bosses can help their employees save money without handing over cash, by the way that they run their office. Here are some simple ways to help your employees save money:

Help employees save money on lunches

Providing basic lunch supplies. I don’t mean you buy them lunch, but in providing a fridge freezer and microwave you enable your employees to save money by using leftovers or cheap to make food in the office.

A spoonful of leftover bolognaise becomes a jacket potato topping instead of going in the bin, that last bit of pasta can be tubbed up and warmed up the next day – you get the picture. This will also reduce food waste and so is environmentally friendly.

There are also lots of cheap and healthy foods that can be eaten with the ability to warm them such as baked beans and soup. But all of this is only possible with somewhere to keep the food cold during the day and heat it at lunch time. Make this approach socially acceptable and even encouraged and lead by example, saving yourself some money as well.

Choose an easy to reach office space location

Petrol is expensive and so is public transport. By choosing an easy to reach office space with easy motorway access and public transport, you can reduce employee’s travel costs. If you have an office rental that has bike storage facilities, you can offer your team a free way to travel as well.

Encourage refillable water containers

Drinks can also add up when it comes to cost, but tap water is not only free but it is also good for you. Create an office environment where people are encouraged to drink water from the tap instead of expensive energy drinks or bottled water. Provide refillable containers for their desk or for the fridge and even ice trays.

Office space that your employees will love
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