The vast majority of the UK is now online, with 98% of the population now online including an extra 300k between 2021 and 2022. Internet connection might be seen as important in general, but in the world of work an office with fast internet is pretty much an essential business tool.

Fast and reliable internet connection is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. Fast internet enables employees to communicate seamlessly with people both internally and externally, in a world where online meetings are increasingly the norm.

It also enables quick retrieval of data and document so that employees can work efficiently, including larger items such as the use of video. If you’re working in an office with fast internet you almost don’t notice, but when your internet connection isn’t reliable, everyone notices, including people that aren’t even in the office but trying to stay in touch with those that are.

Key advantages of an office with fast internet

Cloud usage. A large number of businesses are finding it more productive and efficient to use cloud-based services. These services can enable companies and organisations to avoid having to manage and maintain specialised applications, and pay for cloud based applications online instead. A lot of companies need to make use of multiple cloud-based applications to function as a business, but these applications need faster internet to be able to work smoothly, as they transfer large amounts of data back and forth to a remote site. Having an office with fast internet enables companies to be able to do this.

Productivity. We’ve all been victim to the ‘wheel of doom’ where we wait and wait for a document to save, send, or load. Having to wait for technology to function at a reasonable speed breaks down productivity and wastes time as well as interrupts business.

Employee satisfaction. Slow internet connection when you’re trying to work is an ongoing frustration, and if your employees are having to deal with slow internet on a daily basis, this will affect their workplace happiness. An office with fast internet will ensure they remain able to do their job in a timely manner and stay happy in their work.

Find an office with fast internet to rent in Woking

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