There was a surge of new businesses created during the pandemic as people looked for creative new ways to make a living in difficult times, but this trend has continued as we come out of the other end. The number of new businesses being created in the UK jumped by 18% year-on-year in the first half of 2022 with 93 new businesses being created every hour. This leaves a lot of people potentially looking for a start-up office space design.

As a start-up business, you may initially work from home or hot desk, but as you develop your business you may find you need a flexible workspace that’s designed to fit around your business and industry, that is productive and fully equipped with everything you need, without breaking the bank.

A start-up office design in a shared office space can be a great option for businesses just starting out. Coworking office spaces tend to be in central locations with nearby transport links, without the price tag or stress of setting it up completely on your own. They usually include something of an all-inclusive service that gives a start-up property management, access to several types of workspace, meeting rooms, security, parking, and all bills included, such as energy, WiFi, and rates.

Another good reason that shared office space is a good option for start-ups is that many facilities offer fully fitted-out office spaces where the business just needs to choose the furniture needed, and they can install it. In addition, you gain instant access to a network of other businesses and entrepreneurs, which is a great way for startups to expand their professional network and make new connections.

Start-up Office Space Design in Woking

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