Our Warehouse Packages Include:

No VAT payable on rent

Flexible office space for large organisations

Unfurnished and furnished office space options

Long-term or temporary office space agreements

Traffic-free, 24-hour access

Free parking and unlimited spaces

A rural, waterside location

Air management system (circulates, heats and cools)


Facilities management



Here at Send Business Centre, you already know that we are experts when it comes to office space. We’ve talked before about our serviced offices, what they provide for you, and what you might need to use them for. But there are times when you might need a bigger space, in order to either hold a very large team, or you need room to do more physical work. In some cases, you may actually need to hire a large space to work from and store all of your stock and products, too. In these scenarios, have you ever considered hiring a warehouse?

This might sound a little bit daunting, but we promise it’s not! You can hire our safe, secure warehouses in the same way you would hire storage space, office space, or a meeting room. The most important thing is that it makes your life easier, and you have the perfect place to use for whatever you need.

Why might you need to hire a warehouse?

We see our warehouses as being the perfect middle ground between self-storage and office space. They are very large spaces that can really be used for whatever you need them for. For example, if you have a big team, or a lot of bulky equipment that you need to carry out your work, this is an ideal location. Similarly, if you run a business and need somewhere to store a large amount of stock and products, you could hire a warehouse to both store and process them. That way, everything you need for your business will be under one roof, and a lot easier for you to manage.

Warehouses don’t need to simply be used for work that requires this type of space and flexibility – you can actually use them for any type of work you do. Our warehouses are large enough to be used as offices, workspaces, studios; whatever you need them to be. You can customise them, change the layout, hire furniture, and run your business from a large space that has been specially altered to fit exactly what you need.

Hire a warehouse with Send Business Centre

Here at Send Business Centre, we can, of course, provide you with safe, secure and easily accessible warehouse space to hire in Surrey, Woking and Guildford. If you need warehouse space to help you run your business smoothly and successfully, please just get in touch; we’ll be more than happy to discuss with you exactly what you need, and find you the perfect location. Other facilities of ours that you may also be interested in include workshops and industrial units to let in Surrey, Woking and Guildford.


Call us on 01483 225 617 to find out about the warehouse availability below or for more information.

Warehouse Building Details Size Availability
A2 Warehouse with small ancillary office 1,500 Sq Ft Unavailable
B2 Warehouse, 6.6 m eaves height 2,000 Sq Ft Unavailable


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