Over 99% of all businesses in the UK are small or medium sized businesses, and a lot of these SMEs are really limited companies with no employees. However, successful microbusinesses often grow and go on to take on employees – sometimes one at a time and sometimes as a big investment comes in. But how many employees do you need to have before you look at renting an office space?

Many smaller businesses have people that work from home, but with the rise of hybrid working, still finding renting an office invaluable to separate home from work and for family reasons.
There are many modern shared office facilities that have spaces of all sizes and where they can design an office space to be flexible depending on how many people you have in the office at the same time.

The layout you want for your office will determine how much space you need. Open plan office spaces tend to use the least amount of space and offer the potential to allow people to collaborate and create a workplace community.

If you are a business where people need more privacy to work in, then you will probably need more space with dividers and multiple rooms. If you want more privacy without the need for these divides, office furniture such as cubicles can help achieve this with the right technology equipment.

Office rental in Woking

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