If you’re planning an office move in the new year, then it’s important to use December – potentially a quieter time – to assess what you already have, why you need to move office, and what you need from a new office for 2024 and beyond. First of all you should assess the limitations of your current office, as these are probably the key reason you have for moving. This includes:

  1. Size and layout, including workstations, meeting rooms, and shared areas. Determine whether your current office layout meets your needs, where it isn’t meeting your needs, and if you need to make modifications.
  2. Accessibility. Evaluate the accessibility and convenience of your current office location, including proximity to public transportation, proximity to key amenities, parking availability, and even car charging points if you or key employees have electric cars.
  3. Infrastructure, and by this I mean the existing IT infrastructure, including internet connection, data cabling, and server room setup. Ensure that your new office can support your technology needs, including super fast WiFi and back up internet.
  4. Any niche requirements. What your business does and the kind of employees you have might throw up some niche needs that aren’t currently being met, and moving office is an opportunity to make sure those needs can be taken care of.

Once you’ve looked at these areas then you can start to look for an office space to rent that has everything you liked from your previous office but that meets any new needs, whether that’s space, technology, location, or something specific to your business.

Planning an office move is also an opportunity to look into how you can make a positive difference to your life and the lives of your employees. Whilst practical considerations are important, finding an office space in a nice area with the opportunity to spend time outside, away from air pollution, and in a convenient location for transport.

If you’re planning an office move for 2024 where you want to make sure the needs of your business and your team are being met, get in touch with SEND Business Centre for more information on our amazing facilities, superfast internet, beautiful location and convenient access.