If there’s one thing to be certain of the moment in business and life in general, it’s uncertainty. Whilst there are many new businesses and industries on the rise, there are also businesses looking to scale down due to either reducing in size or approaching new ways of working such as hybrid working. Flexible office spaces are in growing demand are business owners look to future-proof their businesses in changing times following a pandemic and through a cost-of-living crisis.

A new independent survey of five hundred senior decision-makers from businesses in the UK showed that 73% had the opinion that businesses would be looking at moving to a smaller office space. The reason for this is that they believe that by cutting costs, a company can remain competitive in its chosen marketplace. With smaller outgoings, they could well be right, but at the same time should they find themselves in a better position than they believed they would be, then a flexible office space and contract mean that they will be able to scale up when they need to, without huge disruption to the business. A serviced office space with multiple units of different sizes is a great option for those in this situation.

Flexible office spaces in serviced offices

The flexible nature of renting office space from a serviced office building is one of the most attractive benefits. A larger and more rigid office space may be too big and expensive to run, but committing long terms to a smaller venue may be too limiting in the future. The solution of a flexible alternative to the traditional office space model in a serviced office space can be a great strategy to maintain a productive and centred work force, without creating excess expenditure from your outgoings.

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