The use of serviced office space over traditional office rental is increasing, with cities around the UK seeing demand growing by 15-25% in 2022.  There are multiple reasons for this, but it is especially popular with SMEs and those starting out, looking for some key attributes.

Fixed costs in serviced offices

Smaller businesses and those starting out are going to have finances as a key concern. Energy bills alone are a massive worry, with the increase in winter coinciding with a potential quieter period at Christmas. With most serviced office contracts, costs are fixed monthly and all-inclusive. This reassures businesses that they can plan costs and cash flow without worrying about unexpected costs, unlike with traditional office rentals, where variable costs include energy.

Easier to set up

In addition to serviced offices having ‘out of the box’ contracts all ready to use, they have the contacts to furnish and set up an office faster and more efficiently with no work from the tenant. This makes it easier and frees up loads of time for business owners to focus on their company. A traditional office rental means not only overseeing the creation of the contract, but also sourcing everything you need to make it fit for purpose.

Flexible contracts

Traditional office rentals can have long notice periods or minimum periods of time within a contract. This means that should a business’s needs change, moving can be expensive and challenging to arrange. Serviced office arrangements are more flexible, and they also mean that should you need to upscale or downscale for whatever reason, there may be more units within the same building to move to, minimising disruption to the business and to your team members.

Serviced office space at SEND Business Centre

SEND Business centre offer a range of service office units with flexible contracts, easy set up, and inclusive costs. Get in touch to find out more.