The office can be the centre of activity for any business – big or small.  There are some smaller businesses that feel like given the increase in the use of remote working that office space is an unnecessary expense at a time where we’re getting over a period of great uncertainty.  However, even a small office can be a great tool for employees, with a study from the Evening Standard stating that 80% of those they talked to listing communicating with colleagues face to face was the key thing they missed through lockdown.

Five reasons a small business needs an office space

  1. Professional image.  A dedicated space for your business establishes better credibility for your company than those operating out of front rooms and cafes.  If you’re looking to show future clients you mean business, having your own base of operations demonstrates that.
  2. Technology.  Depending where you and your team live, technology might always be on your side.  WiFi connection is important to maintain communication and if your team don’t have the fastest or the most reliable, you may struggle.  Other technology needed might be items like printers and scanners.  Ensuring your team have items like this in their homes will add up financially.
  3. Avoiding home office distractions.  Working from home some of the time is the norm these days, but many people value distraction free time out of their home without kids, dogs, deliveries and neighbours.
  4. Preparing for the future.  If you’re looking to grow your business in the future, adding to your team might be on the cards.  Many team members might be looking for a business with their own base of operations, and so making sure you have your own office space can be a good way of ensuring you attract the best talent in the future.
  5. On site facilities.  A lot of clients like to have a face to face meeting at some points, so finding a serviced office space where you can rent meeting rooms means you can do this without huddling round a table at Costa.

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