Send Business Park is home to both Tannery Studios and the Send Business Centre. Tannery Studios was built to add something extra to the Send Business Park. Where the Send Business Centre offers serviced office space for businesses of all sizes, meeting rooms, and storage facilities, Tannery Studios is aimed at more artistic or digitally based businesses.

Tannery Studios is a creative hub for businesses including architects, artists, graphic designers, developers, marketing and PR agencies and digital entrepreneurs. It contains facilities specifically with these industries in mind including green rooms and recording studios. They are delighted to announce that their solar power initiative is now up and running in their drive to create more options for sustainable office rental in Woking.

The south facing walls are now fitted with solar panels that will help in supplying the offices and film studios with energy, reducing our reliance on the grid, and creating a greener and more environmentally friendly facility for creatives in Surrey and beyond.

A study carried out in October 2021 by the Office for National Statistics showed that 75% of adults in Great Britain said they were worried about the impact of climate change. Age played a part in who was most concerned, with those under 35 the most concerned of all. Recent events of dangerous heat waves, wildfires, and droughts have only risen the profile of the importance of everyone getting involved in reducing their carbon footprint.

We are equally concerned about the future of this planet, and we want to support those using our office rentals in reducing their business’s negative impact on the environment. Those using our film studios can also demonstrate their commitment to the environment by using a film studio rental powered by the sun, bringing down the carbon footprint of their marketing, film project, or photography.

Sustainable office rental in Woking

If you’re a creative business looking for both a new office rental in Woking, and to reduce your negative impact on the planet, get in touch with Tannery Studios to discuss our flexible contracts, amazing facilities and forward-thinking sustainability initiatives.

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