Covid and the Ofiice – Since the Pandemic hit us all at the start of the year, we have all had to reacess how we do even the basic day to day tasks. This has had a big impact on the office and how people work.

The myth that working from home would reduce productivity has finally been laid to rest and new technologies such as Zoom meetings have come to the fore. In six weeks we’ve taken almost the entirety of all the UK offices and moved them to kitchens and living rooms and it’s been pretty seamless, people are getting used to it. The stray dog or the kid wandering into the conference call is now accepted in the corporate world.

So is that the end of the office?

We dont think it is the end, but like everything else there are going to be some fundemental changes.

And these are the main ones as we see it:

Staggered starts will be the norm

Offices will be mainly for meetings

Covid Safety in the office would be paramount with Touchless technology replacing grubby buttons.

The only reason people go into the office now is for this kind of interaction – in which meeting people in real life produces better results than seeing each other online.

Areas will be screened off, using both perpex and also plants to prevent things looking too clinical.

Office rental will be far more flexible to meet these changing needs in a Covid and post Covid world

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