The world at large is more comfortable than ever with online meetings.  A growing number of people are returning to the office but there’s a growing number of businesses, including big names such as Microsoft, that are making a shift to hybrid working – where team members can enjoy a mix of collaborating in a shared office space and working from home.  Hybrid working means a new need for a hybrid meeting on a regular basis.  If you’re used to either 100% online from lockdown, or in-person from a pre-COVID world, then here’s a guide to running a hybrid meeting.

Hybrid meeting technology

Most online meeting platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, and social media can also support a hybrid meeting format.  You can just put a laptop with a webcam up on the table, but a better way of getting good quality audiovisual content is to get a good quality separate webcam with better sound.

Lighting can also be an issue, and if you’re in a space where lighting is bad, a freestanding ring light is inexpensive and easy to set up.

The best quality, fastest fibreoptic WiFi will stop hybrids meetings from becoming increasingly frustrating as the screens freeze and signal drops out.  Making sure that your office or meeting room has access to good quality internet connection is a must have.

Having a system in place such as an online calendar means no one is searching through emails to look for that invite and no one forgets.

Space for meeting

There’s no need to be huddled around a desk.  If there are more than a couple of you in the office on a hybrid meeting, then using a meeting room is a good idea.  If you’ve moved to a shared office facility where you can work in a more flexible way, there are often meeting rooms you can rent in order to give you some privacy and let you concentrate.

Shared office space for hybrid working

If you’re looking for a new office space that lends itself to hybrid working with access to the best quality internet, a mix of workspaces and meeting rooms, get in touch with SEND Business Centre for flexible contracts, office spaces to rent in a mix of sizes, the best facilities, countryside views and no hidden costs.