In the agile world of business on the outskirts of London, a business’s workplace can often change quickly, and the more conventional kind of office space rental contracts might not be the most appropriate for a growing business. A traditional way to rent office space in Woking might have meant taking a contract for 5 – 10 years.

A flexible office contract enables businesses to rent office space for shorter periods – sometimes for as little as a month. This kind of office rental tenancy gives the business owner more flexibility over location, the size of the unit they need at any one time, the length of the contract, and what additional services they need.

Flexible office contracts can include for managed offices, serviced office space, co-working spaces and even workshop and storage rental.

Where can you get flexible office space in Woking

Not all office space in Woking is flexible in this way. Some of the more central locations might still insist on a longer fixed-term and rigid agreement. If you plan on your business staying exactly as it is, or you’re prepared to pay for a bigger space to grow into before you need it, there’s no problem with that.

If you’re looking to make sure that you only pay for what you need but that you have the capacity to grow, it’s a good idea to check business centres and parks. They often have co-working space with different-sized serviced office space with flexible contracts where you can scale up or down depending on your requirements at the time.

What are the other advantages of flexible office spaces?

Budgeting becomes a lot easier. If you’re using a serviced office space in Woking then you have everything in one easy-to-manage invoice, instead of separate invoices and payments for energy, cleaning, water and even parking.

They’re easy to organise. Serviced office spaces with flexible contracts are often right ready to go. You could even ask to move your stuff on that day, and any furniture you want to be ordered can be installed quickly after. Otherwise, you might be waiting for contracts to be agreed upon and keys to be handed over for some weeks. Flexible contracts mean you can get your business started right away.

They’re scalable. If your business takes off (and we hope that it does!) then you can look for space in the same business park or centre, and spread out with minimal upheaval or downtime.

Serviced office space in Woking

For competitive, flexible office space in Woking, contact SEND Business Centre. where serviced office spaces can be rented on both long or short-term flexible office rental contracts either furnished or unfurnished.