Banish those workplace health niggles and issues forever!

[one_half] One of the major pitfalls about working in an office environment is that sometimes, it’s not the most healthy place to be! Between the fact you’ll probably be sitting down all day, the close proximity to other people and the constant use of technology, there are so many ways your health can be affected. Usually (and hopefully) these workplace health issues aren’t serious; they’re more like health ‘niggles’, minor ailments that irritate you and stop you 100% focusing on your job.

While they are highly annoying, the good thing about these minor workplace health issues is that you can generally take steps to fix them yourself, and be feeling better again in no time at all. At the very least, there are ways you can reduce those niggles, and lower the chances of them occurring in the first place.[/one_half]


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We’ve put together a list of some of the most common office health complaints, with some everyday advice for how to keep them at bay…

  • Headaches

We would be willing to bet that at least one person complains of a headache a day in every single office in the country! They’re an incredibly common workplace health complaint, and that’s because there’s so much that contributes towards a pain in your head, whether it’s a slight discomfort or a full blown migraine. Screens, concentration, lack of fresh air and not enough hydration are things office workers deal with all day everyday, and they’re not great for your head. Alongside keeping some basic painkillers in your desk drawer, you can reduce the pain of a headache by making sure you’re constantly drinking water and that you take a break from your work to get some air and some time to switch off. Turning down the brightness of your screen will also help.

  • Sore Eyes

Sore, dry eyes are a huge health issue in workplaces, and there’s one major cause – screens. In the modern office, we’re looking at a screen all day, whether it’s the phone, our computers, tablets or TVs. They’re totally necessary for our work, but they’re also not the most healthy things for our eyes, especially not constantly for 8 hours of the day. Turn down your screen’s brightness, take a break from your screen at least every hour (no matter how brief), and if things get really bad, keep some hydrating eye drops close to hand.

  • Neck or back pain

Ergonomic problems are a huge health issue in offices across the country. Human bodies aren’t designed to sit still all day, hunched over desks and it can lead to a huge strain on our necks and backs. Add to this the fact that office chairs are usually uncomfortable, and that most desks are not set up to be ergonomically beneficial (our chairs are at awkward heights, our screens at difficult angles) and it’s no wonder we’re all complaining of aches and pains. A lot of people find that spending a portion of their day working standing up has a hugely positive effect on muscle pain, although this only works if you can use a laptop and can find a desk or table at the right height. In most cases, a lunch time walk helps reduce aches, and stretching out your muscles will keep them supple and pain free.

  • Germs spreading – colds, flus and bugs

When you’re spending so much time in a stuffy office, with either the air conditioning or heating circulating stale air around all day, germs spread like wildfire. This means if anyone has even the slightest cold or sickness bug, there’s a good chance you’ll be enjoying it soon, too. Aside from basic things like keeping windows open to introduce fresh air into your system, you should also make sure there’s some anti-bacterial hand wash in the bathroom, and ensure any communal areas are regularly cleaned properly to curtail the germs from spreading even more.

If you have anymore tips for the best ways to put an end to any small workplace health issues, please let us know with a comment!

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