The pandemic has pushed a lot of people to reconsider how they want to balance their home and work life, but despite many people considering a more ‘hybrid’ approach to working – mixing the home office with the real office – many are still eager to get back to the office.  Many people want a mix of both office and home working but a majority of people list the main draw of working from home is no commute, with 79% of people listing that as the leading drive for remote work.  In fact, there’s a direct correlation between employees’ commute time and their enjoyment of working from home.  If businesses were able to ensure a shorter commute, would their employees be even happier getting back to the office?

Create a happy workplace by reducing commute time instead of working from home

Reduce a commute is clearly key to keeping employees happy in the office, but how can you keep the commute down?

  • Choose a location near easy transport links including public transport, motorways, plus free and easy to access parking to make arriving as easy as getting there.
  • Finding a location that doesn’t involve multiple legs within the journey, such as making the journey to central London using both train and tram from the surrounding towns.
  • Choosing a venue where using a car is a viable option avoiding conjestion charges, expensive parking and extreme traffic.  This might well mean avoiding London and finding a centrally located workplace outside the city.

In addition to creating a shorter commute, avoiding city centres over more rural locations that are centrally located such as Surrey, is a more appealing and less stressful area to be in by swapping air pollution and crowding for greenery and fresh air.

Helping your employees work nearer home with office space in Surrey

For more information on a serviced office space in Surrey with all of the modern advantages but reducing the commute for you and your team, check out available office spaces for small to medium sized businesses, and get in touch.