One of the biggest challenges that small business owners face is getting more business.  People are being much more cautious with their cash with ongoing uncertainty caused by the pandemic and ‘COVID hangover’ as well as energy prices and the cost of living crisis.  In fact, over 60% of people are feeling the pinch on their finances, so businesses are going to need to work smarter as much as harder to keep growing.  An office rental should be seen as an asset and not an expense, so how will your office space be helping you to win business?


97% of businesses have an Internet connection, 76% have a website and 73% use social media.  Ensuring you have reliable Internet connection to keep everything ticking over as well as attracting new business is essential, with Internet downtime being a potential disaster.  More than a third of SMEs have said they have lost customers when their systems have been down, and this could be through not being able to update e-commerce listings, not being able to respond to enquiries, or not being able to react to social media activity quickly.

Domestic WiFi is faster than it ever has been before, but it is still designed for just domestic use.  Any issues with it mean having to join a telephone queue and potentially waiting for service engineers to work through other complaints.

Having an office rental – and in particular, a serviced office space – means that you have access to super-fast WiFi as well as commercial engineers to ensure you’re up and running at all times.


Working hard to make your office space a place people like to be isn’t just a nicety to keep people happy, it’s a business checklist

Employees with high morale are more engaged, motivated, and efficient. They are more likely to put in extra hours willingly where needed and are more productive. On the other hand, employees with low morale are less engaged and more likely to take time off, with an increased risk of depression and heart disease, according to the American Psychological Association.

Having an office rental needs to go beyond just tables and chairs, and feel like a great home for your business.  Ensuring your office space is in an amazing location surrounded by nice views is also a way of making it an enjoyaofficble place to arrive in.

Office Rental in Surrey

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