The growth of working remotely where people have sought more flexible work arrangements might have made the idea of setting up a temporary office in a coffee shop enticing. If this is how your team are currently operating, it’s important to show them that there are significant drawbacks to working somewhere so public and encourage them back to the office as a first port of call.

Distractions and noise

One of the biggest challenges of working from a coffee shop is the massive amount of distractions and noise that you are unable to do anything about. Coffee shops are typically full of activity, which means they tend to be noisy due to conversations and laughing, clattering of cups, and the baristas shouting out names and orders. For those who require a quiet environment to focus, working in such an environment can be highly counterproductive and it’s not fair to expect people in a social setting to be quiet so you can work.


With tables placed close together, the chances of sensitive information being overheard or seen by others are high. The lack of privacy will also make it challenging to hold confidential calls, leading to potential breaches of professional conduct.

Slow or unreliable WiFi

While cafes and coffee shops often have complimentary Wi-Fi, the quality and reliability of the internet connection isn’t always great and this will be worse the more people are using it. Slow WiFi speeds or connectivity issues can disrupt workflow and reduce productivity.

Comfort and safety

Coffee shops will often lack features that are essential for a productive work environment, including ergonomic seating, adjustable desks, and sufficient lighting. This can lead to discomfort and even health issues such as eye strain or back ache.

Lack of facilities

While there might be fantastic if expensive coffee and snacks, the absence of office equipment such as printers, scanner, and even stationary may limit efficiently.

While the idea of working from a coffee shop may seem appealing, it is important to encourage your team to consider the potential downsides. If you’re looking for a flexible office space that your team will love, get in touch with SEND Business Centre for more information on flexible contracts and well designed offices with amazing surroundings.