Since the start of the pandemic, there has been over 350,000 new businesses started, and over 135,000 of those were in London.  Whilst many business have been started at dining room tables, in living rooms and converted outbuildings and sheds, as businesses return to a new kind of normal there is an increasing need to have an official business premises.  Looking at a shared office space in London might seem like the next logical step, but is there a better option away from the noise and smoke?

A shared office space in London, or near London?

Choosing a shared office space in London might seems like a no brainer but in fact, a London postcode isn’t the ‘must have’ it used to be.  London keeps expanding and since getting a central postcode isn’t financially viable for a lot of businesses, you’re already looking at the surrounding area.

If you’re already looking at a shared office space on the outskirts, there’s nothing to say you can’t go further out to areas such as Surrey and Hampshire, where the journey to meet clients and contacts is still short – around half an hour – but you get the benefit of a more rural experience.

Advantages of serviced office space in London

There are still a number of advantages to a shared office space in London itself.

  • The kudos of being in London itself – for some that is still something that impresses.
  • The social aspect – there are a lot of places if ‘wining and dining’ clients is a priority.  Areas such as Soho and the West End are standard areas to take those you need to get on side.
  • Proximity of other businesses – if you need to be close to businesses that are really high end ‘unicorns’ then being based in London itself might be a pro.

Advantages of serviced office space near London

The advantages of keeping your shared office space outside the growing web of London are stacking up.

  • Price – London prices keep rising and you might be looking at something unaffordable in uncertain times with a lot less space.
  • Space – you’ll get a lot more space for your money when it comes to moving to the areas surrounding London.
  • Transport links – areas such as Woking or Guildford for example, are still only half an hour by train to central London.  This could mean that you can get to the centre of London just as fast as if you were based in London itself.
  • Workplace health – According to David Newby, professor of cardiology at the University of Edinburgh, when it comes to air pollution, “being in the country is better for you”.  More fresh air, space to walk and less pollution is going to be a draw if you’re looking to attract new health conscious team members.  More outside space has also been shown to improve mental health and encourage a more relaxed workforce.
  • Parking – trying to park in London is expensive and difficult, not to mention additional charges for congestion.  Parking in serviced office spaces in rural locations is often free.

Find a shared office space near London

If you’re looking for a serviced office space near enough to London without having the pitfalls of London itself, SEND Business Park is based near Woking, only half an hour from London.  With the feel of an urban centre but with canal side views, easy transport links, super fast WiFi, free parking and a community environment, get in touch to find out why the grass might be greener – literally.