It can be disheartening when you only have a small office space in which to work. Not having sufficient space can not only hinder productivity but also make you demotivated and miserable. In order to achieve your full work capabilities, you need to be able to make the most of your space, whatever the size. Here are a few tips from SEND Business Centre:


Get rid of anything that is not needed – including excess furniture, ornaments, and even paperwork. When space is at a premium getting rid of anything that is unnecessary makes sense. Make sure you sort your paperwork on a regular basis. Use your walls to hang things on for display purposes, but don’t put up too many prints as they will make them look cluttered. Purchase space saving furniture where possible. Remember, the key to decluttering is if you don’t need it, get rid of it, do not keep things “just in case”- be ruthless!

A place for everything

Once you have decluttered, consider how you will store everything. Things you don’t use often can be stored away whilst those things you need on a regular basis should be kept close to hand. File paperwork as soon as you can so you can find it easily; and to keep it to a minimum consider storing some of it on your PC or ‘in the cloud’. Use wall mounted storage solutions where possible to maximise space. Once you have given your supplies a dedicated space, remember to stick to this.

The colour of light

As with any room that you decorate, remember the simple rule – dark colours will make a space seem smaller whilst light colours will open it up and make it appear bigger. Don’t forget the floor. Go for light coloured carpets rather than dark or highly patterned ones or wide floor boards rather than narrow ones to make your office appear larger. Floorboards can add real character to a room and they are much simpler to clean too.

Consider replacing floor and table lights with wall mounted ones and make sure your office has plenty of natural light. You could use a mirror opposite a window to reflect the light creating the illusion that your office is bigger than it really is.

Storage Solutions

Utilise all those hidden away spaces in your office for storage, keep in mind space under desks makes the perfect place to stack storage boxes, just don’t forget to label them. Shelves are a great way of storing things, use them next to your desk to keep books, stationary supplies, and paper close to hand. You could also store your printer on them!

Do you really NEED a meeting room?

You may well have a room cleared for meetings in your small office space, but is it really used that often, and could the space be used more effectively? You can easily rent meeting space with Send Business Centre, leaving you free to expand your operation into the often-unused meeting room on your premises, and therefore allowing you to have a more comfortable working environment.

These small changes will make a big difference to the feel of any office space, no matter what it’s size, so if you want to stay put, but feel a little cramped, try the above on for size and see how much better you’ll feel when you maximise your space.

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