The majority of businesses are on the lookout for ways to save money, whether that’s multinational corporations or start ups. Cutting back on unnecessary expenses and optimising efficiency where possible is a great start. Renting and maintaining an office space is often an necessary expense even in an era of hybrid working and flexible office design, and all the additional costs associated with it add up.

Energy prices have been one of the bigger ones of late and whilst they’ve done down recently, the bad news is that they’re predicted to go up again in 2024. In addition to this there’s a good standard of WiFi – an essential for most businesses, water bills, security costs, maintaining the building itself and any unexpected repairs that appear at the worst possible time.

It is for these reasons that many companies are looking at options for all-inclusive office rental in Woking, if they’re not already using one.

What does all-inclusive office rental in Woking include?

An all-inclusive office rental in Woking is often a shared office space agreement where you rent an office within a shared building that is maintained and organised by a manager or management company. Serviced offices typically include a range of facilities and amenities as part of an all-inclusive package, including:

  • Utilities such as electricity, heating, gas, and water.
  • Super fast wireless internet and telephone lines.

They also sometimes include:

  • Office furnishings, equipment and accessories.
  • Access to shared facilities like kitchens.
  • Meeting rooms, breakout areas and even shared outside spaces to enjoy.
  • Parking.
  • Security measures.

Find an all-inclusive office rental in Woking

Find an all-inclusive office rental in Woking with utilities included as well as shared spaces for meetings and breaks at SEND Business Centre. Get in touch to find out more.