There is tantalising talk of better weather on the horizon in the UK and after months of cold and then a drizzly start of spring, we’re all looking forward to a bit of sunshine and blue sky. If your employees are looking down in the dumps about being inside in the office when the sun’s shining, there are loads of ways to make your office space the place to be this summer, and encourage a proactive, productive, and cheerful summer for your business workplace.

Encourage flexible working hours

Flexible working is very much the norm since the pandemic hit, but encouraging people to take more advantages of flexibility in the summertime turns your business workplace into a more relaxed environment, and one that will suit working parents worried about holiday care, people with outdoor interests, or even just those who would appreciate starting early and leaving early so they’re home in time to enjoy the garden, the park, or just light up a BBQ.

Expand your business workplace outside

If you’re lucky enough to be based in a location with outside spaces to enjoy, make the most of them with outside meetings, outdoor lunchtime events, and encouraging employees to take walks in the surrounding area. Studies show that more time outdoors is linked to less mental fatigue, promoting creativity and better problem-solving skills, so this is an idea with advantages for both you and your team.

Take the opportunity to introduce a more laid back dress code

Returning to the office memes may have joked about people missing their pajama bottoms but the fact is that many people became used to a more comfortable work uniform and may miss being able to wear cooler clothing as the heat rises. Whilst pajamas, flop flops or bikini tops might be taking it a bit far, taking the opportunity to introduce a more laid-back dress code to your business workplace is a great way to help people enjoy the summer a bit.

Bring the outside in

It’s proven that having more green in the office can be great for people’s mental health and warmer weather might be a good time to plant some bulbs, grow some plants from scratch or even start a window sill salad garden. Ask the team what they’d like and encourage people to get involved.

Looking to rent a new business workplace in Surrey

If you’re looking to rent a business workplace in Surrey with a rural feel, country views and outside meeting area that would be ideal for summer, get in touch with SEND Business Centre.