Location can be everything when it comes to choosing an office, but in addition to looking at travel links, parking, and nearby facilities it’s important to bear in mind employee mental wellbeing.  Offices centrally placed but accessed by dark streets and surrounded with grey buildings and no greenery can leave employees with more health issues than you would think.  This is why we’re so pleased to be able to offer office space along the River Wey as an ideal location for an office in Surrey

Employee wellbeing on the River Wey

Access to nature has been found to improve sleep and reduce stress, increase happiness and reduce negative emotions.  It also promotes positive social interactions and boosts attention, memory, and creativity.

This is in addition to avoiding the pollutants that exist within city and town centres that can potentially cause or antagonise lung or heart conditions, and affect relaxation and sleep.

Walking the River Wey on lunch breaks

Studies have shown that using your lunch break to get out and about can have a positive impact on a range of areas from concentration andpaddling river wey creativity to your overall enjoyment of your job.  More rural offices give great potential for a better, more enjoyable walk, and employees are more likely to use their lunch proactively in terms of their health, or maybe finish their day with exercise.

Along the River Wey, there are a large number of walks available and you can download lots of free guided walks all year round including the colder months if you were looking for something a bit more structured, or you can just go for a wander along the paths next to the rivers.

Sports along the River Wey

Paddling is very popular along the River Wey due to the picturesque surroundings and meandering pathway.  It’s also relatively quiet for boats aside from slower-moving narrowboats.  That includes both paddle boarding as well as canoeing, and there are a range of places to use as launch points and guidance available for licensing and safety.

Office space on the River Wey

If you’re looking for rural office space making the most of this stunning river in Surrey, get in touch with SEND Business Centre for a guided tour of the stunning area.