In many people’s office rental, there are essential items such as desks, chairs, stationary and basic technology, but in a world where employers are having to work harder to attract and retain the best talent in their companies, what else should there be?

Bosses might have an image that a hipster style office with artificial grass, a pool table, and sun loungers are what people want, but what do today’s employees really want in their office?

Office rental facilities and features

MRI Software Market Insights have stated that people want facilities based on comfort, in a similar way that they would in a hotel. In fact, of the 6000 people surveyed globally, only 9% didn’t care about workplace amenities.

40-50% of people surveyed stated that leading desired features included air conditioning, effective network connectivity/Internet access, and free parking.

The next tier down people were looking for a range of facilities. Over one in four would like to have outside space/green space, and the same number of people wanted bookable meeting rooms and breakout areas.  15% would like bike storage facilities.

One in five people wanted 24-hour access, which is perhaps unsurprising in order to assist with the increase in flexible working arrangements that have arisen in the last few years.

If you really want to think outside the box, The Dogs Trust have recently stated that 88% of dog owners would like to see dogs at work, and even non dog owners would like to see that to, with 81% saying the same. If your office rental is happy to allow dogs and you can arrange a schedule, an office dog might be a great idea.

It is important that employees enjoy their office rental space, because in spite of the rise in working from home, it is still a place that people want to go. Only 15% of people surveyed want to work from home full time, so if you want to attract and retain great employees, investigate how to make your office a place people want to be.

Find an office rental that your employees love

If you’re looking for an office rental with 24-hour access, outside spaces to enjoy, free parking for cars and bikes, as well as super-fast broadband, get in touch with SEND Business Centre today.