Up until quite recently, a majority of meetings have been held in meeting rooms as a matter of course.  Many people are stating that following the pandemic those days are gone and meetings will never be the same, but at SEND Business Centre we think that it’s more likely that post lockdown meetings will instead be more varied in nature and location.

The return of meeting rooms

Believe it or not, there is a large percentage of people that are looking forward to a return to the office, albeit on their own terms with more flexibility.  This argues for a return to meeting rooms in some cases.

Getting everyone into one place when it’s safe to do so is great for colleague collaboration and promotes the sharing of ideas.  Modern, light and airy meeting rooms with technology are a must in situations like this.

Shared spaces for meetings

Many businesses are opting for serviced shared office space, enjoying flexible contracts, high tech facilities and minimising hidden costs.  An additional benefit to these kinds of office rentals  is the shared space often available including seating and kitchen facilities.

For smaller or less formal meetings, these shared spaces (alongside a laptop with some high speed Wifi) can be a great environment for keeping in touch without being tied into setting up a meeting room.

Outside meeting spaces

In recent months, people have been spending a lot more time outside – in fact it’s been the safest way to meet up.

Business centres in rural areas are introducing more ‘outside meeting rooms’ with seating outside with boosted high speed WiFi.  In summer months this can be a whimsical way to hold a meeting whilst boosting workplace mental health and giving everyone an extra bit of vitamin D.

Remote meetings

Remote working and virtual meetings are here to stay, now that managers and business owners have seen productivity stay at good levels with a mix of home and office working, and clients have seen how they can increase time efficiency with remote meetings.

This doesn’t negate the need for meeting rooms – if it’s a client where you’re looking for a professional backdrop and quiet space, hiring a meeting in a shared office space can still be a good idea.  Whatever your plan for location, the fastest fibreoptic Internet connect will ensure a seamless meeting (as long as everyone remembers when they’re on mute)

Meeting rooms in Surrey – room booking, shared space, outside meeting rooms and high speed Internet connection

If you’re looking for a shared office space in Surrey with modern meetings rooms, communal spaces, outside meeting rooms and high speed Internet connection, get in touch with SEND Business Centre.  We have a wide range of office space available as well as a brand new facility for creative businesses that includes office and studio rental with an on site green room and sound studio.