Since the end of the pandemic, people are getting back into the swing of the office with an increase in the amount of people dividing their time between home and work. Hybrid working is one of the most popular forms of work format, but it will only work if the office space offers them the same level of productivity as the convenience of home.

A recent study has shown that a surprising office feature is actually a massive productivity booster – the great outdoors. Simply by having an outdoor view with plenty of natural light, this study in the US found that workers in their office could work up to 12% faster. Not only those it boost productivity but also wellbeing – research from Cornell University found that natural light and outdoor hours resulted in a 51% drop in eyestrain and a 63% drop in the incidence of headaches.

The link to nature is undeniable, as even plants in offices can help. More research found that by adding one plant per square metre within an office space, productivity rates amongst employees can rise by more than 15%!

In short, if you’re looking to maximise productivity in your office space, you need to consider the best way to ensure natural light, and to try and incorporate more nature into your business.

Finding an office space that brings the outside in

Shared office spaces often means city centre properties, but there are now options for forward thinking employers looking to ensure employee wellbeing as well as boost productivity. SEND Business Centre is a popular location with views of the river and nearby countryside, loads of natural light, and even a garden area with Internet access where people can work outside if they want.

The rural location is a bonus in a digital age where there is no need to be based centrally due to the increased reliance on online communication, especially with the super fast WiFi available.

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