When starting a business, or maybe taking a ‘side hustle to the next level, there are a number of costs to consider in order for the business to both be taken seriously and to succeed. Start up costs when your business needs an office need to be realistic, but also scalable, as you never know how quickly your business could take off and how fast you might need more office space, equipment, storage, or staff.

So what start up costs do you need to consider?


This will depend so much on what kind of business you have, but if you’re office-based, this could include laptops, screens, printers, furniture andoffice checklist even stuff you might not think of such as mouse mats, lamps, and wires. Make sure you bear in mind all the little bits as much as the larger items, and they can soon add up. If you’re moving into a serviced office space, this equipment can be supplied as part of the contract if you don’t already have it, which can be a more affordable option. Otherwise, furniture can be rented from specialist companies if you’d prefer to avoid the initial outlay of buying.

Office Space

Despite the growth of home working, most businesses still keep an office space for those that need or want to be office-based, those looking to embrace a ‘hybrid‘ approach to working, for meetings , and for networking. When finding an office rental, it’s vital to look for somewhere where your business can potentially grow, so choosing a serviced office space is a great idea if you’re looking for somewhere with multiple spaces that you could move to with less disruption.

Rates and bills

Business rates and bills such as energy bills, water, and Internet are a major concern, especially with the price of gas and electricity jumping up. It’s worth bearing in mind that prices are set to rise again this autumn, but with a serviced office space, this is again something you can avoid paying for.

Office supplies

Despite living in a digital world, there will always be a need for pens and paper! Whilst you might not think that stationary is going to cost much, in order to be cost-effective you may find you need to buy in bulk in order for it to be cost-effective. It’s a cost worth bearing in mind.

Making your office a nice place to be

All of these basic start up costs are going to mean nothing if no one wants to work for you! Making your office a nice place to be needn’t cost the earth, but some artwork on the wall will give some colour, and there have been numerous long-term studies into the advantages of plants in the workplace for wellbeing. There are ways to save money on this – many of your family and friends might well have spare plants, or be able to give you cuttings. Hardy and easy to keep plants are best, like cacti, spider plants, aloe vera, and other succulents, and snake plants.

Looking at your office start up costs with SEND Business Centre

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