Working from home might be a much more accepted working practice, but the majority of employers are now saying that they are starting to implement a gradual return to the workplace.  If businesses are now looking ahead to a new approach to the workplace following the ‘new normal’, now may be the time to reassess your office needs and find the best office rental for a pandemic recovery.

How are employers planning a return to the workplace?

59% of employers are planning on increasing the number of days staff were in the office over a period of time.  Other ideas include introducing rotation systems so that different teams of staff were in on different days of the week and staggering workers’ hours.  Some of these changes might be temporary ahead of a complete return to the office, but employers may be looking to boost morale and maximise efficiency by keeping some of these changes in place.

In order to make these changes work, business owners need to look at if their current workplace and office rental meet their new needs.

Changes to your workplace and office rental for a post-pandemic workplace

If you’re looking to keep a flexible approach to work then there are some new considerations when you’re looking at your office rental.  At the moment if employees have their own dedicated desks, you might find you have a lot of empty space as half of your desks are in use where half are working from home.  You might also have challenges in ensuring your employees are able to access the office at a range of times and finding that your WiFi isn’t quite managing the increased demand to maintain communications.

Looking for a new office space for a new approach to work

If you’re struggling to make your current space meet your future needs then it might be time to reassess your needs and find a new office space that not only meets needs now but is also adaptable for future changes.  That could be the growth of your business, but with increased uncertainty in the world, a flexible approach to office rental is an area much more in demand.

Here’s what to look for when reassessing your office rental needs for a post-pandemic future.

  • Flexible contracts and adaptable space.  Some shared office spaces have multiple office spaces for different sized businesses, so if you find one where there are spaces for 4-5 employees at a time but with the potential to add rooms or move to bigger spaces, that’s a way to future proof your office rental choice for the future.   In addition, flexible contracts may mean a range of different lengths of contract, for if you’re worried about the future.
  • The best WiFi speed.  Superfast internet is going to be a must if you’re going to be able to keep in touch with your team spread over the area.  When finding somewhere new, this is an essential ask.
  • Nice surroundings.  Employees might now be used to some home comforts and outside freedom.  Nice views and pleasant outdoor spaces will help your team feel good about a return to the office.  Employee mental health is increasingly a major consideration for employers for staff retention and this shouldn’t be discarded.

Next steps in finding office rental

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