Open plan offices are a brilliant option for your team!

Working in an open plan office is a common practice nowadays. Since the 1960s, this has become a hugely popular way of working and now more offices than not are open plan; or at least largely open plan with a few offices reserved for senior members of staff. When you hire office space from us here at Send Business Centre your space will be open plan.

We often hear reports and stories that seem to suggest working in an open plan office is a bad idea, that it causes distraction in workers and that the lack of privacy means workers feel restricted and under more pressure. However, we believe that working in an open plan office is actually really beneficial to staff and can have a hugely positive effect on workers – and on the work they produce.

Here are some of the major benefits of working in an open plan office, and some of the reasons they’re your best fit when it comes to choosing office space…

  • Open plan offices are far more economical

You can fit more members of staff comfortably into an open plan office space, rather than only being able to find connecting small office rooms for a large team. You and your staff will still all have your own personal space, and you’re also getting more space for your money.

  • They’re great for communication and collaboration

When your team are all sitting near to each other with no walls or doors separating them, it’s far, far easier to communicate and collaborate with them. There’s no need to move from your desk if you have a question to ask, or an answer to provide for someone else. Your colleagues are right there when you need them, whether that’s for a quick social break or a work related issue.

  • Everyone feels as though they are on the same level

If you are a boss or manager sharing open plan office space with the rest of your staff, there are massive benefits to not being separated from your colleagues. When you’re all on the same level, you feel like part of the team and have an improved relationship with every member of staff. Studies have shown that junior members of staff feel more connected to their boss when they spend more time with them (and therefore more relaxed and productive) and open plan offices mean that will definitely be the case.

  • Open plan offices are incredibly adaptable

If you like to change up your office environment every so often to feel more comfortable and focused, or you have a new staff member arriving and need to fit in a new desk, this can easily be achieved in an open plan office. When you’re only moving furniture as opposed to rearranging staff between whole office rooms, it can be done it no time at all!

Open plan offices are popular for a reason! We hope our benefits have convinced you that they really are a brilliant way to work – and if you love working from your open plan office space here at Send Business Centre, contact us to let us know!

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