If you’re running a business, the chances are you’re always on the look out for ways to save money, cut down unnecessary expenses, and generally make your business more efficient. With changes in energy prices in the media, the good news is they look set to lower for domestic customers. However, businesses aren’t always offered the same protection. For Small to Medium-Sized Businesses (SMEs) this can be a real worry, which is why many businesses are looking for all inclusive office space rental, when looking for a base.

What does all inclusive office space rental mean?

All inclusive office space rental can be for an individual office space, but it is often part of a serviced office or shared office space agreement. Serviced offices typically offer a range of features as part of an all-inclusive package, including:

  • Utilities such as heating, air-conditioning, and water;
  • State-of-the-art IT and telecoms with free high-speed Wi-Fi;

They also sometimes include:

  • Modern office furnishings;
  • Multiple meeting rooms of different sizes;
  • Breakout areas and kitchens;

At the moment, utilities are the greatest concern for most businesses. The cost of energy has sky rocketed to the point of creating a cost of living crisis, along with the increase in the cost of food and other essentials. Knowing that energy costs in particular are included gives businesses a sense of security, knowing there isn’t going to be a scary and unexpected bill on the horizon.

However, facilities such as meeting rooms, and shared kitchens or outside spaces can also help businesses save on the amount of space they need to hire. A lot of businesses don’t need a meeting room full time, and so having this shared facility can be a much more economical choice.

Rent an all inclusive office space rental

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