It feels like there hasn’t been much of a summer this year and as the temperatures start to drop already and people look ahead of the winter, it’s important that businesses start thinking about how the new season is going to affect their business. Here are some essential steps to take in order to winterproof your office space and business.

Prepare your office space for winter weather.

This includes checking for leaks and draughts to maximise energy efficiency, check plumbing is insulated to prevent freezing temperatures cracking pipes, and make sure that the heating and hot water is working properly. You might also need to use this time for a boiler service.

If you’re in a serviced office space all of this will be carried out for you, so just check in with your building managers with any concerns you have. If you start to realise that the work involved in building maintenance is taking up a lot of your work time, then maybe look into shared or service office spaces in Woking and the surrounding area, to see if you can get a better deal with less hassle moving forward.

Maintain a safe office environment.

Winter weather can be hazardous, and some easy steps can make life easier. For example, stocking up on salt and shovels for snowy and icy conditions for the car park, and putting down mats and rugs near doors to stop slips and falls. In a serviced office space, much of this will be provided for you, but if you’re managing your own office you’ll need to prepare in plenty of time to ensure your team are safe in your office.

Update your inventory.

If you’re in sales, make sure that your inventory reflects the season. For example, getting seasonal items up in time for holiday such as Halloween and even Christmas is a good idea, but also weather appropriate items. For example, now might not be the time to be selling patio furniture, but you might make some progress on selling home insulation or winter coats.

Encourage people to organise their December annual leave.

If your business is one where at least one person needs to be available at all times, you might want to start organising Christmas now. It needs to be fair to avoid conflicts. Getting organised in plenty of time will avoid a tense atmosphere over Christmas.

Book the Christmas party!

Corporate event venues fill up fast, so book not to make sure you end up somewhere you enjoy without a last minute rush or paying over the odds.

Find a serviced office space for your business this winter.

If you’re looking for a serviced office space where all the winter preparation is done for you, get in touch with SEND Business Centre for more information on flexible contracts and modern facilities.