With many of us spending as much time sitting at our desks at work as in our home offices, the design of office space is equally as important as your home office space for both quality of life and work. A recent study showed that 25% of employees believed that a bad office design was hindering their performance, whilst 53% stated that their performance would improve if they had their ideal working environment. So basically a good office space design is important.

When designing an office space whether it’s big or small, you should make sure that the office design mirrors your company’s structure. For example, if there’s a lot of collaboration, then a more open plan is better, enabling people to interact easily. If there’s a lot of individual work where quiet and concentration are important, cubicles might be a better option, but with either a breakout area for meetings or a shared office space with a meeting room available to use. It’s good to create a focal point that encourages teamwork away from the desks, whether that’s a board or monitor for sharing ideas and presentations or a round table for meetings.

Look for furniture that is comfortable and fits into the space easily, and if you’re planning on finding a scalable office, choose mobile and/or collapsible furniture that is easy to rearrange or store.

Light is also important. Low lighting can make for a sleepy feeling environment in an office, so finding somewhere with natural light but also the ability to bring plenty of light in either through overhead lights or lamps is a good idea. Vitamin D is essential for good mental health so finding an office where there is plenty of outside space to use for breaks, lunch, or walks is a nice idea to help your employees stay in a positive frame of mind.

Renting an office

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