The last few years have been uniquely challenging with a global pandemic shortly followed by a cost of living crisis and ongoing threats of industrial action. However, a long term issue constantly overshadowing us all is the very real risks related to climate change. With major events such as droughts and floods around the world attributed to climate change, 85% of people in the world are looking to take personal action to combat environmental and sustainability challenges.  In a similar way, many businesses are asking how you can reduce your office carbon footprint, and there are several easy ways.

Research your suppliers

A lot of businesses check things like reviews and credit scores, but researching a company’s ethics and environmental practices can also be important. Tell suppliers that ethical or environmental aspects are important to your business and find out what they’re doing to help. This could be anything from recyclable packaging and onsite steps to reduce waste, volunteer work in improving their local area, or ensuring they offer pensions that don’t invest in fossil fuels.

Your use of paper

Even in a digital age, we nearly all use paper in some form. If the paper you source doesn’t say where it’s come from, you can’t guarantee that it isn’t linked to deforestation. You can protect forests by ensuring the paper you use is 100% recycled or FSC certified. Recycled paper is no longer bad quality or off colour. You can get 100% recycled paper that you couldn’t tell from non-recycled paper. In addition, you can encourage your team to use less paper wherever possible.

Reduce the use of disposable plastic items

By ensuring your office has items such as ‘real’ plates and mugs and washable cutlery, you’re enabling you and your team to forgo disposable items at lunch and coffee time. You might even provide new starters with reusable coffee travel mugs that many coffee shops and machines are happy to use in place of paper cups with plastic lids.

Encourage the use of public transport and cycling

By choosing an office space near public transport links and with cycling facilities such as bike racks and locks, you’re able to reduce your office carbon footprint, and your teams, by encouraging them not to hop in the car every day.

Buy some plants

Buying or sourcing a few office plants can help to create a calm and happier environment which can boost productivity, but they can also absorb toxins from the air (often emitted by printers). You might even be able to get these free from cuttings and off shoots from your teams plants at home, like spider plants, cacti, and succulents.

Shared office space in Surrey

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