In today’s fast-moving atmosphere, the key considerations for most businesses are time, money, and effort.  Businesses that are looking to grow and evolve, as opposed to just survive, the current climate need to think carefully on the best way to work to maximise time and minimise cost and effort. Since the pandemic began, there is a move towards a mix of both working from home, and using the office as a place to collaborate, consult and meet.  This makes your choice of office space an essential one for the success of your company.  To meet changing needs there are many businesses looking to using a serviced office space, and here are the top 5 reasons why maybe you should too.

Saving money with a serviced office

The main advantage of a serviced office is that it can significantly save money. In addition to no initial set-up costs and none of the hidden charges standardly present in more traditional rentals, many utilities are often included, including faster and better quality wireless internet. You can also access facilities such as meeting rooms and break-out areas either free or at a much lower cost, avoiding a need for coffee shop meetings and renting rooms at business centres.

A more efficient way to work

A serviced office will help you to maximise space, and minimise the amount of space you waste.  Infrequently used space, such as meeting rooms, break rooms and kitchens are usually available for use as standard or on a pay-per-use basis. Compared to conventional office rental, it is a far more efficient use of space and resources.

A flexible approach

Another important aspect of using a serviced office is its flexibility, as they can be available for anything between a month and multiple years, often with renewable agreements. This is ideal for both start-ups and larger companies looking to tentatively expand without a large outlay committed over time.

Reducing risk with a serviced office

By using a serviced office, you don’t necessarily need a lot of the assets associated with managing an office, such as communications equipment, office infrastructure, and furniture.  A lot of this can be either provided or rented from a serviced office manager, so risk is considerably less than it would be if you had to find the money for this upfront. This more agile way of working saves your capital for areas where your business really needs it.

Meeting likeminded businesses

Networking can be a time-consuming activity, but by working within a serviced office space, you’re also working within a shared space, with communal break-out and social areas. These are great places to meet other businesses and potentially make useful contacts.  This could lead to better and more convenient business services for you moving forward such as accountancy, technology assistance or content creation, or even a new lead.

Renting a serviced office in Surrey

If you’re looking to take the next step for your business, or even start a new one, SENDBusiness Centre offers a wide range of serviced offices in Surrey, near Woking.  As well as an ideal location, all the latest facilities and stunning surrounding views, we have a choice of different sized office spaces all with access to superfast fibreoptic WiFi, meeting rooms, storage and free parking.  Take a look at available office space or take the virtual tour.