Small and medium-sized businesses have taken a big hit in morale in the last 18 months where recommendations have been to work from home wherever possible.  Now that we’re edging closer to the ‘new normal’, many small business owners remain optimistic with 67% feeling confident, and people are looking forward to a return to the office and away from their sofa, office space for SMEs are in demand.  Shared office space gives growing businesses flexible contracts on office space with non of the stressful ‘hidden costs’

What do SMEs need in an office space?

SMEs need flexibility above all at the moment.  Many businesses are now embracing a more hybrid approach to working with people both in the office and working from home.  As a result, the traditional ‘one desk per person’ might not apply anymore.  It could be that you need a few fewer desks than you have people as a way of maximising space.ic

Superfast WiFi is also more important than ever, as well as flexible meeting areas for more ‘hybrid meetings‘ – with people both in and out of the office.

Cost is an important consideration, as cash flow sometimes isn’t as easy for smaller businesses as it is for bigger businesses.  With office space for SMEs, you need to know exactly what costs are every month to ensure you’re meeting your needs without stretching your budget.  Serviced office space (or shared office space) often includes all additional costs such as utilities, energy, Internet, rates, and parking.  They will also manage security, giving you additional peace of mind.

Offices for SMEs in Surrey

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