Historically, businesses of all sizes have been based in city centres, with London being the biggest of them all. However now, thanks to a shift in priorities, a change in work life balance, and all in part to the pandemic, things are changing.

Both businesses starting out and established businesses are looking at decentralisation – moving out of big cities such as London – as a way of both cutting costs, and keeping their employees happy.

The two key options are renting an office space outside London, or where this impractical due to the number of people on either side of the city, a number of smaller regional offices, mixed in with the latest trend of hybrid working of course.

Here are the top 5 benefits of renting an office outside London,

  • Cost in rent – Financial savings are considerable for a number of reasons, but primarily because of cheaper rent. The cost per square foot is considerably cheaper outside of London, making considerable savings for businesses looking to spend their money on improving areas of their business and growth.
  • Outdoor space – An office outside of London is more likely to come with outdoor space. Whilst London has some nice parks, they are often smaller and still surrounded by traffic. An office outside London offers views beyond buildings and the outside space and fresh air, which is so important for wellbeing as well as productivity.
  • Less expensive to make office improvements – With an office in London you are always going to struggle with logistics in getting deliveries, products and services for a good price. Renting an office outside London means it is less expensive to get decorators, furniture, tech services, and more.
  • Reducing commutes – By staying outside of London, you potentially reduce the length of your employee’s commute. This is great not only for their wellbeing, but with less travel and less different kinds of travel, you reduce the risk of tardiness and the associated loss of productivity. With train and tube strikes showing no signs of resolution, this can be a really pressing concern.
  • A more diverse workforce – While you might think that renting an office outside London means you will get a less diverse workforce, you might find you actually increase diversity. A city centre location puts off a number of underrepresented groups for both cost and convenience reasons. For potential employees with disabilities working in a city centre presents a number of logistical issues. Younger candidates might find themselves put off by the cost of travel or accommodation. Other groups might be concerned about safety, travel, environment, and more. Less central does not mean less diverse by any stretch.

Renting an office outside London – rural but modern office rental in Woking

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