The creative hub project for Tannery Studios is progressing quickly!

We already have companies that have seen our latest iteration who have shown an interest in taking a studio / space in our new to be Creative Hub. We are now waiting for their feedback to produce the next version before circulating it again with improvements.

Creative Hub

Tannery Studios is located in Send, Surrey. 10mins from the A3 on the outskirts of London. We are currently converting an old tannery into a state-of-the-art digital business hub.In this conversion we are looking to have Video Production Studios, Editing Suites & Sound Booth’s along with a Canteen, Networking Spaces and CO-worker / innovation space.

We are already established as a leader in high speed broadband in a rural setting, next to the Wey Navigation Canal. Tannery Studios will allow creative’s to flourish and prosper without the need to travel into the city to access technology that’s normally only found there. The facilities are designed to appeal to the burgeoning number of sub-contractors in the growth sectors of the gaming industries, pre and post production video and sound companies, applications developers and associated industries such as design and software.

Professional Advise on building a Creative Hub

To help create the best facilities possible we are seeking a variety of input from academics at Surrey University (Tonmeister), the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM)  and commercial entities. Including the video, sound and computer industries who are large bandwidth users and thus attracted to Send Business Centre’s facilities. With there help, we can really get the best out of this experience to provide the best to date facilities for all you creative companies that don’t want to be making that long travel to London everyday!

Proposed Plan

Tannery Studio Creative Hub Site Plan - Send Business Centre

We hope that it will help transform the site into a creative hub and a hotbed of innovation where likeminded companies can come and enjoy the facilities with a relaxed waterside view.