How important sound proofing is in densely populated office space.

Are you fed up of hearing what your neighbour is saying on the telephone?  Are you able to hear every word? Want to work in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere with riverside views?  Then SBC has designed their latest new offices just for you.

We know how annoying it can be to hear conversations that you are not involved in or even interested in so, we have made sure that our office spaces at Send Business Centre are designed with sound proofed walls to make sure that you can work in the peace, quiet and comfort of your own office without the disruption of noisy neighbours. In order to do this, we have specifically addressed the design fault that is made in most office spaces by building new innovation units’ walls directly up to the concrete ceiling so that there is no possibility of catching a conversation as it wafts over the ceiling voids. 

You are our number one priority, and so we have to make sure that you are provided the most comfortable and efficient working environment without hearing the daily running of the business next door. We keep your neighbour’s conversation to himself by making sure that even the ceiling tiles are of higher quality than all other office blocks and better sound proofing properties so to ensure that you can work in peace.

We have also made sure that the walls are not thin plasterboard that can transfer all the noise that you want to keep out. All offices have been redesigned by soundproofing experts to make sure that all of your surroundings are impenetrable from unwanted nuisances.

By making sure that your office space has the best sound proofing that there is out there, we can make sure to provide you with the consistent quality of your office space so you can be sure to always have the environment to focus on your business.

Just for you, we are even in the process of building a sound studio for you to use and enjoy. Please visit Tannery Stuidos.