Starting up a new Business? Try Serviced

If you’re venturing into business for the first time and want a place to work that’ll suit you down to the ground, then there’s only one option worth considering, and that’s serviced.

The places where we work offer a fine line between growth and decline, in business and in mind, so making the right decisions are vital. When you’re starting up a new business, choosing the correct pathways that lead to success begin from the very foundations up.

Starting up a new Business? Try Serviced - Send Business Centre

Photo by dmertl (Flickr) is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Kickstart your Business

serviced office is the perfect foundation to see out your long term goals. Unsurprisingly, they are growing in popularity, due in part to a lack of suitable inner city office space, but also because they offer unrivalled flexibility.

Serviced offices cut out the need to go on a wild goose chase for the holy grail of offices. They cut out the need to manage the space, to furnish it with all the trimmings, to make sure it is insured, secure and a million other finer details. In essence, serviced offices cut out the head aches and the hassle. That goes for all businesses, not just the newcomers.


What are the Advantages?

The benefits are plentiful with serviced offices. You aren’t bound to the same space for years. You can maintain a rolling contract and expand to a larger area if the need arises. If you had a lease with a standard office, then you wouldn’t have the freedom to enlarge so quickly and easily. As a fledgling business grows, so too does its workload, its work force, its equipment and so on. Serviced offices are the most flexible around and make any adaptation possible.


Flexible Deals and Great Prices

With many serviced offices, you can choose to go all inclusive with your work space. This means you get to have all the mod-cons, the accessories and extras in one business-friendly bundle. This would include furnishings, receptionist, telephones, internet, catering and much more.

The VIP treatment doesn’t come with VIP prices however and herein lay one of serviced offices greatest benefits for new businesses. They are incredibly cost effective. Even with an all inclusive package, it would still be cheaper than getting a long lease on a standard office. This is because with serviced you aren’t paying for the same amount of floor space.


Stay Secure with Serviced

For any new business, the added security of a serviced office is paramount to finding peace of mind. The parking is always better than in an inner city block and will save you a huge amount on parking fees too. Send Business Centre offer fabulous deals on their range of high quality offices. From all inclusive to standard spaces, anyone beginning a journey into business will find a serviced office to be the best all round option.