Did you know that managed space is by far the cheapest office solution out there?

How much cheaper, you ask? 150% cheaper!

That’s how much you could save if you chose managed space over leased accommodation. In fact, there are three main types of office which are: managed, serviced and leased. Sometimes, it can be hard deciding which one to choose.

Send Business Centre have taken that weight off your shoulders by travelling around the country on your behalf. Researching these 3 types of offices, Send Business Centre have been able to provide you with the true facts and stats about Managed Space Offices, which will allow you to make a decision a whole lot easier and with confidence.

Compare the Three different Office Types

With leased, you are tied into a fixed agreement in terms of longevity and price. You also have to pay for all the costs associated with the daily running of the office.

Serviced offices usually come fully prepared with a range of services included in package deals.

Managed offices go one better, giving you the greatest degree of flexibility for your office space. You can negotiate a huge number of services, from using other rooms, to catering, parking, heating, furnishings and internet speed.  All this is included in the price with no add-ons.

Lower Cost – Greater Freedom

Leased accommodation can set you back £25 a month, per square foot, plus massive extra costs for services and parking too. Serviced offices usually cost around £400-600 a month, per desk, but with far lower service costs to pay.

Managed is the most cost effective option, because with rates of just £40-50 a month, per square foot, that’s all you will have to pay. Everything else is included, and that includes free parking!

This infographic illustrates nicely the power of a managed office space in comparison to the other three types.

 Managed Space Offices Send Business Centre


As you can see, managed offices come out on top where it matters most. Not only is it cost effective, but also allows the greatest freedom for you and your business.

Important features and services (which in other types of office you will have to pay extra for, and are usually hidden) are packaged into a managed office, saving you both money and stress!

Send Business Centre takes pride in itself but offering these Managed Space Offices at an honest price that you can afford… The facts don’t lie!

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