How to Choose the Right Serviced Office

So, serviced is the way to go for you? That’s great, but first you might want to consider how to select the perfect one for you. There is a growing list of serviced providers out there today and the options can be somewhat bewildering, so think carefully before jumping in to the deep end.

Have a List Prepared

As in all walks of life, communication is paramount. Talk to the provider first and get a sense of the services they provide. Have a list of questions you can ask each company. These questions should be tailored to your requirements, but things like parking and access, opening and closing times, offices sizes, contract lengths, office features and so on could be mentioned.

How to Choose the Right Serviced Office - Send Business Centre

Photo by UrbaneWomenMag (Flickr) is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Do Some Digging

You can take a look at reviews of the serviced offices and check out the history of the providers. This level of research may seem excessive, but if you’re investing your business – not to mention valuable time and money too, then it is well worth delving into these elements. You could do a dummy run, so as to assess how long each would take to travel to, what the roads are like etc. After all, serviced offices have sprung up all over the country and not all are in town or city centres, so to become acquainted with the local area is always advantageous.

Check out the Serviced Space

When you have a couple of favourites, pay them a visit. There’s no better indicator than seeing for yourself. Like buying a new house, the chances are you’ll get an instant gut feeling that one is for you. Whether it’s the location, the comfort of the office or the hospitality, the right serviced office will leap out.

It’s Good to Talk!

Speak to the receptionist, other workers there – not just the owner. Get a feel for how content people are in the space. It won’t take a social behaviour expert to work out if it’s a happy working environment.

How to Choose the Right Serviced Office - Send Business Centre

Photo by Victor1558 (Flickr) is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Lastly, you should talk through the costing of the offices and details of the contract. How long are you planning on staying? Can it be on a rolling yearly basis? Can you move to a larger office if needed? What other services can be added on? Come prepared with questions and don’t be afraid to ask away, because it’s your business that should come first.

There are plenty of excellent providers around now, such as Send Business Centre, operating out of Woking. Once you’ve had a good look round and seen examples of the offices, hopefully you’ll be satisfied that choosing serviced was the right decision for you and your business’ future.